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HIV Testing: Early Detection PCR, ELISA Duo

STD Tests & Treatment  

Herpes, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Hepatitis, Trichomonas, HPV

 Mycoplasma, Ureaplasma, Yeast, Lymphogranuloma, Chancroid 

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Confidential Sexual Health Solutions 

Preparation for STD tests: 

  • Fasting is NOT required.
  • Urine test is a part of STD screen. Please come to the clinic without voiding urine for 1 to 2 hours.
  • Initial stream of urine (beginning part of urination) is important for STD tests.
  • Initial 10 ml of the urine that washes out the urethra is required.
  • Avoid collecting more than 10 ml. Larger quantity will dilute the sample and may compromise the accuracy of test.
  • Some STDs are tested regionally. For example, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea tested in genitalia will not reveal these infections in throat or rectum.
  •  Relevant sites should be tested independently based on the nature of the exposure.

HIV Graffiti
Medical news section is not intended to provide advice on diagnosis or treatment

HIV is often diagnosed years after infection.

Late diagnosis of HIV misses the benefits of starting antiretroviral therapy early.

HIV diagnoses on the rise among over-50s. 

Older people may not have accurate information about HIV transmission or the risk of exposure, and may not consider themselves to be at risk.

Male circumcision protects women from HIV

Male circumcision done to protect men from HIV infection also protects women against HIV.  Protection is partial, however. 

Novel HIV Vaccine candidate is safe and immunogenic. 

Efficacy of the vaccine is under study. 

HIV rash: What does it look like?

There is no single rash that is specific to people who have HIV.  A rash alone is never sufficient to diagnose HIV.

Monoclonal antibody therapy for HIV?

Monoclonal antibody 10-1074 neutralizing HIV-1 envelope protein, the most potent isolated so far, reduces viremia in HIV-1-infected individuals. 

Gene editing technology for potential HIV treatment targets

The technique is to inactivate human genes, that are absolutely essential for HIV to replicate but could be eliminated without harming a human patient.

Theory of the origins of HIV

HIV can cross species from chimps to humans.

Milestones in the Era of Effective HIV Treatment

Zidovudine, the first HIV medication was approved in 1987.  In 1996 the highly active antiretroviral treatment using a triple combination of antivirals was ushered in. 2015 saw WHO recommendation of treatment of all HIV patients regardless of CD4 count.  

HIV RNA tests and fourth generation enzyme immunoassays are superior to rapid tests. 

Rapid HIV tests are not as sensitive as lab-based assays, particularly in patients with acute infection.

HIV early detection tests

HIV RNA (nucleic acid) testing can detect the virus as soon as 7 to 10 days after exposure, compared to several weeks or months for other tests. 

HIV treatment failure and genital shedding of mutant virus

Drug resistant HIV is shed in the genital tract way before the diagnosis of treatment failure is made.  

There are 37 million people around the world living with HIV and 115 million people living with Hepatitis C infection. About 2.3 million are infected with both HIV and Hepatitis C


RNA test is the gold standard in the diagnosis of acute HIV infection

Neurological complications of Syphilis occur frequently and early in HIV infected. 

Diagnosed HIV: Is it the tip of the iceberg?

Worldwide, 37 million people are infected with HIV and approximately 46% of infections remain undiagnosed.

HIV 1 vs HIV 2

Diagnostic differentiation between HIV-1 antibodies, HIV-2 antibodies, and HIV-1 P24 antigen

Only 17 million of the almost 37 million people infected with HIV are currently on treatment. UNAIDS 2016